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First triumph of 2022!
Harrow’s heritage of innovative teaching tops among KingLead Rankings!

AISL Harrow Schools, a familiar name on many prestigious school rankings, have received its first triumph of the year. KingLead China International School Competitiveness Rankings 2022, unveiled on 18th January, place our schools in glorious positions for the second year in a row. Let’s see our glorious rankings:

The rankings don’t just reflect the recognition from society and the education sector. They represent Harrow’s 25 years of excellent international education in Asia – a pride that can happen only because of the joint effort of our teachers, students, and parents.

Why are the KingLead rankings so trusted by parents? What are the innovative traits of AISL Harrow Schools that gained approval from expert judges?

Here is why…

KingLead Rankings, the Golden Guide of International Schools for Chinese Parents

In its fourth year, KingLead Rankings evaluate China’s international schools every year. Education experts from prestigious schools are invited to objectively evaluate the integrated competitiveness of selected schools in terms of certification competitiveness, teacher competitiveness, and social influence. The results are considered a ‘golden guide’ for parents nationwide seeking the best international school to send their children to.

This year’s rankings summarise insights from 9 tenured professors and scholars from the world’s top universities in Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, and MIT. These renowned experts assessed all selected schools based on their values, professionalism, and innovation.

“KingLead Rankings are very valuable, for the methodology is very professional and innovative. This is China’s first ranking system for international schools. It builds the evaluation criteria for international schools. It provides a good reference for Chinese families who want to choose top schools in the United States and the United Kingdom for their children. “

–Professor Kunes, a tenured professor at Harvard University

Centuries-old education heritage creates an innovative campus

KingLead China International School Innovation Competitiveness Rankings reflect a school’s educational achievement and parents’ testimonies. The reputation also mirrors a school’s dedication to meet the needs of the new era, the ability to keep pace with times, and the courage to persist in innovation.

Backed by 450 years of educational excellence, AISL Harrow Schools bring the heritage of prestigious education worldwide as a leading educator – one committed to fostering students’ confidence and innovative spirits – the way Harrow has fostered countless elites over the centuries.

Innovation entwines everything we do at AISL Harrow Schools – from teacher development to classroom activities. For example, we have established the AISL Education Research Institute for our teachers to keep abreast of the latest developments in education. Meanwhile, the fact that we prioritize cultivating students’ innovative thinking has urged us to establish STEAM programmes and host varied activities such as science and technology weeks. To celebrate Harrow’s 450th anniversary, we picked ‘sustainable development’ as the theme. We inspired our students to stretch their creative muscles and develop innovative solutions that may contribute to a better world.

Every AISL Harrow School adheres to the high standards of the 450-year-old Harrow School in England while integrating local cultures, and our students’ future development needs to customize an excellent curriculum that combines academic and cultural essences from both the East and the West and keep up with the pace of the current world. Our prominent international education lays an unparalleled foundation in values, global outlook, knowledge, and networking resources to optimize their future development and the prospect of studying in prestigious schools. Learn more about our prestigious schools from the headmasters.

“Harrow Beijing is very proud of all the work that our fine students and teachers do. We are conscious that we are in the capital of this great country and will continue to try to follow in the footsteps of the great thinkers that have placed the city at the very heart of Chinese culture’
Mrs. Rachel Dent
Head Master of AISL Harrow Beijing
“The enduring characteristics of a Harrow education, which have delivered excellence for 450 years, are more relevant today than ever before. The fusion of high academic rigour, ambition, strong individualized personal development and the deep-rooted desire for all pupils to be challenged in every facet of school life continues to nurture leaders who will go on to positively influence and shape the societies we live in. Harrow truly leads the world.”
Mr. Charles Ellison
Head Master of AISL Harrow Shanghai
I have been a Head Master for 13 years, the last 7 in Harrow Beijing and Harrow Shenzhen. Without question for me, the core element of School Leadership is to empower others to be the very best they can in support of the School’s mission, vision and strategic aims – that includes the students and parents, but most notably involves managing the staff and teaching faculty. It sounds simple, but this can be quite challenging – especially in what are usually very dynamic environments in which International Schools operate and run. Of key importance is a shared understanding and commitment to the School’s values, and strategic aims. In my experience, staff that work in schools are amongst the most dynamic and creative of all the professions – without the rudder of the School Values, and the direction of the strategic aims, School development will still happen, but perhaps not in the way the community expects. So, a key focus for me during development is to always be “course correcting” for purpose and direction.
Mr. David Shinkfield
Head Master of AISL Harrow Shenzhen
At Harrow Shenzhen, we strive to build a welcoming, inclusive community where every child is respected, valued, and loved. With the best quality education we provide, all students are holistically nourished in mind, body and soul. A Harrow Shenzhen education goes beyond rigorous academic training and joyful learning experiences; our commitment to a well-rounded education also entails physical wellness, social-emotional intelligence, character building and more. Together we will cultivate in our Harrovians the time-honoured qualities of Courage, Honour, Humility and Fellowship, thereby fulfilling the Harrow mission in providing students Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership.
Mr. Kevin Qian
Chinese Principal of AISL Harrow Haikou
As a new AISL Harrow school, in our second year of operations, we feel both privileged and honoured to be recognised by KingLead. Harrow Haikou will continue to strive for excellence in not only academics, but across a range of areas, creating a happy, proud and vibrant school community which upholds the values and ethos of a AISL Harrow school. We thank KingLead for ranking us among the top 100 schools in China.
Mrs. Kelly M Wailes
Head Master of AISL Harrow Haikou

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