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Message from Head of Harrow Chongqing

A new academic year is here, and Harrow Chongqing is now officially open! Our Headmaster and Chinese Principal can not wait to say hello to you all, and welcome you to the largest campus across all Harrow Schools in Asia. 

Chongqing is vibrant and cultured city. How do we provide truly world-class bi-lingual education in this city and blend Harrow’s educational excellence with the local culture? Our heads will give you their answers.

With over twenty years of experience in teaching, Mr. Charles Grayhurst has served in multiple senior roles within China and elsewhere across Asia, including ten years of founding school Headship in Dubai and Malaysia. Mr. Grayhurst has extensive experience in school leadership and management, which includes the establishment of innovative curricula and high levels of pastoral care within school communities.

Mr. Charles Grayhurst 
Founding Headmaster Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy Chongqing

Welcome to Harrow Chongqing. As a member of the Harrow Family, we are dedicated to delivering a premium British bilingual education to the Southwest of China.

A Lasting Heritage for 450 Years

Leveraging over 450 years of history from Harrow School in London, Harrow Chongqing offers a premium environment where pupils are educated to become successful and distinguished members of Chinese society, with a truly global outlook.

Educational Essence from Both Worlds

It is our belief that a Harrow Education enables our children to become critical thinkers and problem solvers, who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and values to lead purposeful and fulfilling lives. 

The unique traditions of Harrow, in combination with our innovative bilingual and bi-cultural approach, creates a blend of East and West, where pupils can be proud of their heritage, but in touch with the world. We have high expectations for every pupil, and recognize his and her gifts and talents. We encourage them to explore their full potential and challenge themselves with a positive attitude.

Harrow’s Values is
the Foundation for Future Leaders

We take pride in our Harrow Values of Courage, Honour, Humility and Fellowship. We also have high expectations for academic performance, a love for the Arts and full involvement in co-curricular pursuits. 

Our excellent team of passionate and innovative educational professionals, together with our world-class facilities and resources, can help our pupils get ready for the top universities globally.

Harrow Chongqing - Harrow’s Values is the Foundation for Future Leaders

Mrs. Judy Kong graduated from the Columbia University with a master degree in TEFL and from CEIBS with an MBA. She is currently pursuing an Doctoral degree at the HELP university in Malaysia.

Mrs. Judy Kong 
Chinese Principal Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy Chongqing

Welcome to every Harrow Family member in Chongqing! With Harrow’s nearly 450 years’ history and premium education, the first HLIA school settles in Chongqing, the southwest education highland in China, and offers precious opportunity for local Chongqing families to enjoy genuine high-end educational resource at convenience.

Carry on the Honour of Hundreds Years

To Foster the Future Leaders
for a Better World

Harrow Chongqing, together with other Harrow Schools in China, is devoted to bringing the best of the two worlds to enrich the cultural and learning experience of our students. We have combined those effective pedagogical methods from western to deliver the solid Chinese National Syllabus, to provide to the local families the benchmark for humanities education that the world needs.

A Unique Bilingual Curriculum To Open our Children’s Mind

The future asks for talents with Chinese soul and global vision. Our bilingual education firmly implements Chinese National Curriculum and develops students’ critical thinking and reading ability in both languages. Students will be given abundant opportunities to develop their leadership, communication skills, creativity, team spirit and ability for critical thinking.

To Cultivate a Bilingual Learning Environment With Top Teaching Resources

The Chinese curriculum plays an equally important role as its English counterpart in our HLIA school. We select experienced teachers of Chinese all over China, and provide them with chances to grow. We ensure teaching and learning via our established assessment mechanism and school management system.

Harrow Chongqing is committed to building a harmonious community inside and outside the school together with our students and parents. We would like to demonstrate our students in action that every Harrow member could make a difference. We hope that every student will find their enthusiasm for learning, gain academic progress, enjoy precious friendship and find the best of themselves in Harrow Chongqing!

The heads of Harrow Chongqing promise to carry out lasting values of Harrow School and to instill Harrow’s unique culture and educational philosophy into everyday life of the new school in Chongqing. To make this new campus truly world-class.

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