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Founder, Asia International School Limited

Today’s world is fast-paced and dynamic. Change is continual. Education has never mattered more.

As we look to address the global challenges which lie ahead, the 450-year heritage of Harrow School in the UK, provides a guiding light.

Our programmes are based on the best of British traditions. We nurture outstanding young talent in harmony with a new era of education. Our schools are forward-looking and our pedagogy innovative. Combined, these create a unique framework through which we shape future leaders: young adults who are fluent in Chinese and Western knowledge, culture and languages, and at the same time globally minded.

Starting in the late Nineties with Harrow International School Bangkok, we now operate schools in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. In 2018, AISL Harrow Little Lions Early Years Centres were established. From 2020 onwards, our unique bilingual AISL Harrow LiDe Schools are now opening in cities across China. Over the last two decades, these schools have nurtured over 12,000 children; with our alumni studying at some of the world’s best universities, and going on to work in renowned corporations throughout China and worldwide.

We are proud of each and every one of our alumni as they realise our values and leadership attributes by making positive contributions to their communities.

Staff across our family of schools are whole-heartedly committed to providing the best education possible for our students, helping them to learn, develop and grow – our schools and our ideals providing a home where hopes and dreams are nurtured and realised. 

Dr Rosanna Wong, DBE, JP

Chairman, Asia International School Limited

Harrow is celebrating its 450th anniversary in 2022. This incredible legacy of educational excellence, balancing tradition with innovation, is what is available in our entire Harrow branded international schools, along with the AISL Harrow LiDe Schools and AISL Harrow Little Lions Early Years Centres. We believe in maintaining the values of Harrow School, with its commitment to the highest standards of quality British education, as reflected in our pledge: ‘Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership’.

Wherever we are in scattered around the globe, it is our duty and responsibility to educate young minds, providing them with skills and training to develop both their intelligence and emotional quotients, as well as their adversity quotient so that they will be able to face challenges with resilience and endurance.

Within this website, you will see how deeply committed we are to the task and trust of educating your children for a life of responsibility, integrity and service for a better world. Our promise is to ensure that each schools’ mission, vision, values, goals and objectives are clear so that all stakeholders can understand and work towards a common good for future.


chief executive officer, Asia International School Limited

Since the establishment of our AISL Harrow International Schools in Beijing (2005) and Shanghai (2016), we have received numerous invitations from provincial and city governments as well as from commercial enterprises to set up AISL Harrow International Schools in their locations. After we launched the concept of bi-lingual education in China in 2017 under the brands of AISL Harrow LiDe Schools for primary and secondary schools and AISL Harrow Little Lions for early-years education, our prospective partners have become even more enthusiastic in working with us as they see tremendous interest in and demand for our Harrow-branded high-quality bi-lingual education provision which can now be made available to local students in China. Since then, we have been invited to set up international and bi-lingual schools in different parts of China, and the government authorities there have extended warm welcome and strong supports to our proposed schools in their cities. In 2020, our AISL Harrow Schools opened in Shenzhen Qianhai and Haikou, our AISL Harrow LiDe Schools in Haikou and Chongqing, and our AISL Harrow Little Lions in Shenzhen Qianhai, Haikou and Nanning. Our AISL Harrow LiDe Schools and AISL Harrow Little Lions opened in Shenzhen Qianhai, Zhuhai and Nanning in 2021. More schools and kindergartens are being planned to open thereafter. 

Interest in our international and bi-lingual education does not only come from China. We are currently also working with our partners upon their invitation to set up schools and are reviewing opportunities in other parts of Asia.


Chief Financial Officer, Asia International School Limited

It has been an amazing journey.

My own journey began working with Mr Daniel Chiu, our proprietor, for his London listed energy company, of which Daniel is the largest shareholder. I then took some time out to focus on my children and consider myself very lucky that, when Daniel became involved with Harrow-branded international schools, he graciously opened the door for my return.

My first project was Harrow International School Hong Kong. As only the third school in the then fledgling group, I joined a small team of passionate and dedicated staff. Up to that point, the group had been expanding slowly, adding one school every seven years – Harrow International School Bangkok in 1998, AISL Harrow Beijing in 2005 and Harrow International School Hong Kong in 2012. The opening of Harrow Hong Kong is one of my proudest moments. Together, we overcame countless challenges. It was a delight to welcome the founding staff and students and to have seen the school flourish since.

In more recent years, the overwhelming success of Harrow Hong Kong, coupled with the demand for quality education in Asia, has translated into more rapid expansion. Joining our family this year are five new schools in China, with more to follow.

Critical to this expansion, and to maintaining a world-class Harrow education, is the cultivation of talent. In our students, in teaching staff, in our support and admin staff, and in our growing headquarters staff, we are committed to employing and developing the most talented individuals and teams.

I welcome all of you to the prestige and heritage of our AISL Harrow Schools Family. I hope your journey is as challenging, inspiring and rewarding as mine.



International education has never been more developed and extensive. There are nearly seven million students in 14,000 English-medium international schools across the world with the curriculum and qualifications from England studied in the majority. Some of the world’s highest performing academically and most progressive schools are international institutions. In fact, international education is at the vanguard of education reform and development.

AISL Harrow has been at the forefront of international education for 25 years. Some of the most prestigious and academically rigorous international schools across the globe are AISL Harrow international schools. This success is a result of the passion and commitment to excellence in education from AISL supplemented by an authentic partnership with Harrow School. This creates the conditions of shared values, tradition and philosophy supported by a commitment to a holistic education and academic excellence that prepares students for leadership and life, success in school and beyond. These beliefs are the foundation of success in Harrow International Schools in Asia.

Broadening access to an AISL Harrow education to Chinese families through LiDe schools and to children associated with Hong Kong, affirms our commitment to providing the best of Harrow-branded education to communities across East Asia. Ambition is also represented in AISL Harrow operating the first full boarding school in northern Japan offering access to learning in a pristine natural environment and skiing on the doorstep of the school.

To establish sustained educational excellence in expanding and diversifying schools requires humility and the need to continue learning, commitment to belief in the importance of child-centred holistic education and the ongoing development of the organisation and its people. To play a part in this journey is an honour. To lay the foundation for future success is a privilege.



Harrow, the prestigious U.K. originated world-class leading school has expanded and propelled in Asia since 1998 when the first AISL Harrow School opened its door in Thailand. This entrusted brand name stands for 450 years of educational excellence and Harrow’s pledge to younger generations to develop their leadership for life and a better world. It also represents the brand promise Harrow holds to each one of the students and parents to continue this educational legacy and provide state-of-the-art learning environments, methodologies, and services.

Each one of our member staff holds students’ well-being, educational fulfilment, and values development (that is Courage, Honour, Humility and Fellowship) close to our hearts. We are committed to providing a top-class Harrow Experience to you through every step of your journey: from families enquiring about our schools and curriculum, through every interaction with us and eventually becoming a part of our community and our alumni. This top-class Harrow Experience is defined by the Harrow Standards that provide the education quality assurance and regulate our operations.

In addition to the highly regarded Harrow International Schools in Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Haikou, AISL launched the Harrow LiDe Schools and Harrow Little Lions Early Years Centres in China from 2020.  In 2024 we will be joined by the AISL Academy that aims to provide a learning community for teachers, administrative staff, school leaders and educators from around the world by facilitating a community where industry knowledge can be shared between leaders and allow peers to work together to solve their challenges.

As a group, we have just completed our 3-year strategic plan ahead of our schedule. While we embark on our 5-year strategic plan, we will continue to offer our long-standing excellent education and services to students and educators from all over the world and we aim to achieve that through our exciting growth plan. Harrow’s Purpose, Vision, and Values will continue to guide AISL Harrow Schools’ developments in different areas and different parts of the world.  While we are celebrating Harrow’s 450 years of legacy, we are sharing the proud achievements AISL has accomplished over the last 25 years and some of our exciting developments ahead.

With a background in and a passion for education over the last 25 years, I am excited to work with AISL on this fulfilling journey and welcome you to join us to help students, parents and educators achieve their dreams.

Harrow School Representatives

Mel Mrowiec

Chairman, Harrow International Schools Limited

Since Harrow International School Bangkok opened in 1998, a strong partnership has developed between AISL and Harrow International Schools Limited (a subsidiary of the charitable corporation that owns Harrow School, through which Harrow’s Name and Badge is licensed to the AISL Harrow Schools) in operating Harrow branded international schools in this region. The current schools provide a distinctive education by blending elements of the philosophy, practice and traditions of Harrow, a school with a strong footprint in the UK, with the needs of the international communities they serve. Embracing the Values of Harrow School, their vision of “Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership” means that in all aspects of their broad approach to education, they aim to develop lifelong behaviours – Leadership Attributes – which will enable students to make a positive difference through leadership to the communities in which they live. 

2020 sees the beginning of a new chapter in this partnership; the opening of AISL Harrow LiDe Schools. With the same underpinning of the Harrow brand, they will provide a distinctive bilingual and bicultural approach to education in new settings. We look forward immensely to supporting AISL in this exciting new development together with further expansion of its network of AISL Harrow International Schools and AISL Harrow Little Lions Early Years Centres in the region. 

alastair land

Head master, harrow school london

Harrow School in the UK, has throughout its history had a worldwide vision and in the 2020s that has never been more pertinent. It has been a central tenet of my Headship that the pupils and professionals in our schools should have the opportunity to grow together as learning and teaching communities and the lived reality of that is taking shape with online forums to share experience, resource and insight in operation. We will have more of this to share with you as you get to know Harrow better in the coming months. All schools need a strong moral core, that upon which they ground and test their actions, daily life and future prospects. For us this is in our Values:

Courage   Honour   Humility   Fellowship 

I wish all success to our schools in Asia.

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