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AISL Harrow Scholarships 2024/26 Winners Announced

After three months of the rigorous selection process, nine candidates were selected from almost 500 applications as recipients of the 2024/26 AISL Harrow Scholarships in May 2024.

The number of scholarships and their total value awarded in 2024/26 have reached their highest compared to previous years. All winning scholars will have their full tuition and boarding fees covered during the two-year A-Level programme at AISL Harrow Schools in Appi, BangkokChongqingHengqin and Shanghai.

The awardees not only demonstrated their exceptional academic achievements and dedication to engaging in co-curricular activities within the school community, but also exhibited outstanding leadership skills and a steadfast commitment to serving society, exemplifying their potential to embrace Harrow’s core values – Courage, Honour, Humility, and Fellowship.

AISL is delighted to announce that the recipients of the 2024/26 AISL Harrow Scholarships are: 

The AISL Group launched the AISL Harrow Scholarships as part of our broader Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in 2021. Heading into the fourth year, the Group has supported 25 excellent individuals, showcasing an unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards, delivering quality education, and cultivating the visionaries and leaders of tomorrow.

“We are delighted to extend our offerings to a group of exceptionally talented scholars this year, as their performances have been truly impressive. We are looking forward to seeing them embark on a new journey at AISL Harrow Schools,” said Mr Daniel Chiu, Chairman of AISL Harrow Scholarships Foundation Limited. 

Sharing from Young Scholars:

“Harrow not only has a deep and rich heritage, but it also has a widespread global influence with a group of wonderful schools around the world. Harrow’s famed academic excellence and well-rounded education really fascinated me, and it had become an aspiration for me to study in Harrow.”
Gloria L.
AISL Harrow Hengqin Zhuhai
“I believe that I always have a choice to be happy, and this choice that I made in applying for the scholarship resulted in me being happy. I thank Harrow for the opportunity it gave me.”
AISL Harrow Chongqing
“I am incredibly grateful that the Harrow Board has decided to give me this award. Regardless of future obstacles, receiving this award motivates me to always keep my head up and to continue being diligent on the road ahead of me.”
Eann S.
Harrow International School, Appi
“I chose Harrow because I envisioned that it would allow me to journey down the path that I’ve set for myself. Having been at Cambridge University since primary school, I was certain that I would continue my education in a similar setting, and Harrow was a perfect choice. ”
Enerlen B.
Harrow International School, Appi
“The scholarship is a major steppingstone to an end goal, which hopefully will enable me to continue to pursue my aspiration for a sustainable future.”
Marissa L.
Harrow International School, Appi
“This scholarship is going to be a life-changing step towards fulfilling my change-maker dreams to create a lasting, positive impact within the school and the broader community.”
Trinity L.
Harrow International School, Appi
“To be awarded the scholarship is a surge of motivation that propels me beyond my comfort zone and urges me to continue pushing my boundaries, both academically and personally – as I strive to leave my own melody in the symphony of time.”
Perseus W.
Harrow International School, Shanghai
“This scholarship supports me in doing just that and is like a key to unlock a new path on my life’s journey. It reminds me to stay determined, to never lose my passion and to always be dedicated to what I do.”
Earth N. S.
Harrow International School, Bangkok
“Receiving the scholarship is an honour, and I am deeply grateful to AISL for giving me this opportunity. It has taught me that I should never stop being ambitious. I hope the AISL scholarship continues to push students like me to chase their dreams and reach for the stars.”
Laura W.
Harrow International School, Bangkok

Congratulatory Messages from School Heads:

“We are delighted to welcome Perseus to our school as our newest AISL Harrow Scholar! His predecessors, Mango and Finley, brought commitment and flair to our school. Mango is now at Cambridge studying veterinary medicine, and Finley is heading to London’s best film school after a gap year. Perseus is an outstanding young scholar who will set a superb example for our younger pupils and who will, I’m sure, bring a new dimension to our warm and wonderful school. Welcome!”
Mr Alex Reed
School Head of AISL Harrow Shanghai
“It is with great pleasure that I welcome and congratulate you on your outstanding achievement. Indeed, your achievement is inspirational, and in being so, you will inspire others to also strive to be their best. Harrow Hengqin will provide great support in a wonderfully supportive and nurturing environment so you can strive to achieve your academic and life goals.”
Dr Max Caruso
School Head of AISL Harrow Hengqin Zhuhai


Asia International School Limited (AISL) introduced the inaugural AISL Harrow Scholarships for the academic year 2021/2023 in 2021.

The AISL Harrow Scholarships Programme aims to enrich the diversity of the AISL Harrow Family of schools by attracting exceptionally talented students worldwide for A-level (pre-university) education, granting them an opportunity to embrace the full spectrum of an AISL Harrow education, which encompasses academic excellence, holistic learning development, leadership cultivation and a profound commitment to service, ultimately, enabling them to gain entry to top universities.

Please visit: https://www.aislharrow.com/aisl-harrow-scholarships/ for more details. 

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